Dojo Psi Remote Viewing with PJ Gaenir

Most dojo projects are private.

Public or sponsored projects include:
Panopticon | TKR: Forum | Viewing | RV Library

Projects in development include:
Taskerbot | Risk Intuit

Most of what is in the Dojo Psi is conceived by, built by, managed by, and paid for by Palyne Gaenir, except Panopticon which Robert L. supplied some content and provides project management for, and except the TKR project which is managed by a small consortium of viewers from around the field, creative sorts who often pursue their own ideas and ideals within TKR as well as outside it. Everything in the Dojo Psi is Copyright to its original creator of course, and the rest, the name and the collection to Palyne Gaenir 2002-2023 (and some materials dating back to 1995). All rights reserved, but ask if you want something and reasonable quoting is fine.

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