Dojo Psi for Remote Viewing


If you would like to donate to Palyne's sponsored Remote Viewing and related projects, you can. Here's how:

  • You can specify what project(s) the funds are to be used for, and what things in that project, if you wish. They will be used for that or returned to you. Otherwise she'll just put it toward what she wants or needs for 'em at the time. Click on the link below to use PAYPAL to donate.


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Dojo Psi© is a private club for Mental Martial Artists  
for Discipline, Exploration, Education and Pursuit of World Applications.

The dojo Mats are expected to open in the future. Who knows when. In the meantime,
Palyne and her Dojo support other projects such as Firedocs RV and the TKR Project.

Everything at the Dojo Psi is Copyright © 2002 - 2021 by Palyne 'PJ' Gaenir. Thanks.