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The Dojo Psi is a private project of PJ Gaenir. It supports private and public Remote Viewing and Dowsing science, websites, toolsets, archives, software, education, applications, and other contributions to the Remote Viewing Community. It sponsors other psi-related projects, tools and communities, including the TEN THOUSAND ROADS REMOTE VIEWING AND DOWSING PROJECT aka "TKR" which is an independent project designed for, comprised of, and managed by, a variety of people throughout the remote viewing community since 2003 (forum) and 2004 (dojo).

The dojo has no adware, no malware, no nagware, and no fees.
There is no tracking aside from cookies (required for any software).
We feel strongly that everyone's privacy is their own.
Hushmail and proxy regs are fine.

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Everything in TKR is owned by the submitter: sessions are owned by the viewers, feedback is owned by whomever owns the photograph, and so on. The project at large, its other content and the collection as a whole is owned and Copyright © 2002-2009 by Palyne "PJ" Gaenir of the Dojo Psi.